March 15-17, 2018 - Tivoli Mofarrej - São Paulo - SP



The deadline for abstract submission is: Friday, February 09, 2018
The deadline for abstract evaluation results is: Tuesday, 00, 0000




Instructions for abstract submission

1) Please register for the event through the website. You must make the payment at the time of registration to enable the option to submit your abstract. The other authors who register at the congress should not resend the abstract already registered;
• All abstracts must be submitted through the official Congress website.
2) Log in to the restricted area with the username and password that you have selected during registration.
3) Click on “My Abstracts” menu.
4) Follow the instructions on the screen to access the abstract submission form. Fill up all fields of the online form.
5) Before submitting the abstract, please review it carefully. Any changes will be allowed only until the final submission deadline.
* The submitter author must complete all fields in the online form. All communications related to scientific paper will send only to this author by the registered e-mail and he / she should be in charge of passing on to the co-authors;
6) Choose the type of presentation – Oral or Poster.
7) After submitting abstracts, click "Log out".
8) After submitting the abstract, the person in charge for the presentation (who made the submission) will receive an email confirming the information provided. Check if all the information is correct. If there is anything wrong, log in again and make the necessary changes (up to the deadline for submission of abstracts – see Important Information).
9) If you do not receive the automatic email confirming the submission on the same day, the abstract was not sent correctly. In this case, send an email to email ( reporting what happened and what problem you had.
10) To access the event website again, just use your username and password. In case you do not remember your login data, use the “forgot your password?” option at the top of the page




» SLAOP - Disciplinas
     - SLAOP - Biologia e Patologia
     - SLAOP - Cirurgia Pediátrica
     - SLAOP - Cuidados Paliativos
     - SLAOP - Efeitos Tardios
     - SLAOP - Enfermagem
     - SLAOP - Epidemiologia
     - SLAOP - Nutrição
     - SLAOP - Psicologia
     - SLAOP - Radioterapia
» SLAOP - Orientação pela Doença
     - SLAOP - Histiocitose
     - SLAOP - Leucemias e linfoma
     - SLAOP - Neuroblastoma
     - SLAOP - Retinoblastoma
     - SLAOP - Sarcomas partes moles
     - SLAOP - Tumores Cerebrais
     - SLAOP - Tumores de Células Germinativas
     - SLAOP - Tumores Hepáticos
     - SLAOP - Tumores Ósseos
     - SLAOP - Tumores Raros
     - SLAOP - Tumores Renais
» SNOLA - Neuro Imaging
» SNOLA - Neuro-Oncology
» SNOLA - Neuropathology
» SNOLA - Neurosurgery
» SNOLA - Oncologic Neurology
» SNOLA - Palliative care
» SNOLA - Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery



Important Informationn

The ABSTRACTS must be submitted only in English for SNOLA and English, Spanish or Portuguese for SLAOP; papers submitted in other languages won’t be considered;
• The deadline for abstract submission is: Friday, February 09, 2018 – until 23:59 (Brasilia time).
• In order to receive the certificate of your abstract after the event, one of the listed authors must be registered and have attended the event.
There is no limit of papers accepted per author.  
There is no limit of authors included per abstract. Please list the authors in the desired order;
IMPORTANT: The submitter also has to include himself/herself in the list of authors!
• On Tuesday, 00, 0000, abstract acceptance will be published in the “My Abstracts” link of the submission site (author log in).
•  Presentation should be made by the indicated author when the abstract is submitted. If this is not possible, another author Previously registered must be present, as long as registered in the event and have paid the registration fee.
• All abstracts must be submitted through the official Congress website.
• Authors who have the approved abstracts should made the slides it in English. Oral presentations should be in English, Spanish or Portuguese;
• Only one certificate will be issued per presented abstract. Certificates are issued following the order in which authors were registered and will be published in the restricted area.
• Please note: all materials produced on abstracts will be faithful reproduction of the information submitted by the author. So it is not possible to make changes  of the title, abstract or authors after the deadline to submit entries. We emphasize that the information provided is the entire responsibility of the author who submits the summary.
• The registration values are informed in the table 'Registration fees' available on the event website, regardless of the date of approval of the work. In order to guarantee the discount payment is necessary to respect the dates described in this table.
• The main author can choose on the modality of abstract presentation (Oral or Poster). However, the Scientific Committee reserves the right to change this choice.
• The final decision of the Scientific Committe is considered supreme, irrevocable and unappealable, and shall not be revised. The papers not accepted for oral presentation can be reallocated for poster presentation and the author will be informed about this decision.
• By submitting the papers, the authors assume compliance with the laws and ethical standards that govern research with humans and animals, including the approval of the Research Ethics and Clinical Research Ethics Committees in Animals.



Instructions for abstract preparation

• The title should be concise and reflect the study to be presented.
• The abstract should not have more than 2500 characters including spaces; title have a limit of 250 characters.
• The abstract should be structured, objective and concise, providing essential information under each heading. Suggested headings: introduction, objectives, methods, results and conclusion;
• Poster Case reports should be structured in: Case Presentation, Discussion and Final Comments. Considering that case reports make an important contribution to the exchange  experience between professionals, Scientific Committee recommends that only send reports of common cases with atypical evolution or rare cases of major relevance.
• References, acknowledgments, and financial aid are not required and if included they should be computed as a Body of the Abstract and should come at the end of the abstract.
• The Institution or Institutions where the research was done, as well as the names of the authors, should NOT be mentioned in the body of the text.
• The abstract contents should be associated with the topic selected.
• Graphs and tables will not be accepted;            
• All the instructions above also apply to poster submissions;
• Results based on statements such as "results will be presented" and "data will be analyzed" will not be considered. These should be explained as clearly as possible and the conclusions should be based on the data presented.
• Reports of cases without clear originality and relevance that justify their presentation will not be accepted. Also, only literature review will be rejected.
• Trade names are not allowed, only generic drug names, written in lowercase letters.




Instructions for Approved Abstracts

Presentation time is 08 minutes. After the presentation, there will be allowed 02 minutes for discussion and possible questions from jury and guests.. If none of the authors attend the event, the presentation will be canceled and will not be issued certificate.
The presentation must be prepared in Power Point slides (Windows) and needs to be handed in at the Media Desk at least 2 hours before start of the session in order to upload the document to the media system.
Information about day and time of the presentation will be available in the restricted area of the main author and previously stipulated in the scientific program of the congress.

Instructions for banner confection:
• Measurements: 90cm (width) x 120 cm (height);

  1. The posters must be fixed in the place determined by the organizing committee, in day and hour predetermined.
  2. Bring lanyard or tape to fix the poster, we do not provide any equipment at the poster area;
  3. The panel number of the poster is available in the restricted area of the submitting author in the "Display" field. The panel number indicates the place where to fix the poster during the event.
  4. The Scientific Committee will designate the Evaluating Commission that will visit the abstracts and it’s necessary the presence of one of the authors at the specified time for the presentation.
  5. The posters not removed within the determined time by the organization will be thrown away.

Time to presentation –10 minutes.

At least one of the authors must be near to your poster to presentation (In the day and time previously stipulated by the organization of the event). In the absence of the presenter, one of the registered authors can present.




  • SNOLA 2018 best oral presentation award è US$ 2000;
  • SNOLA 2018 best poster presentation award è US 1500;
  • SNOLA 2018 International Award (Registration and Hosting) – Registration and hosting package for the best submitted paper(Only for participants who are not from Latin America) ;
  • SNOLA 2018 Award for Best Palliative Care Paper è US $ 1500;
  • SLAOP 2018 – Best Oral Presentation - R$1.200,00 - 2 prizes - Oncopediatrics and Multidisciplinary;
  • SLAOP 2018 - Best Poster - R$ 600,00 cada - 2 prizes - Oncopediatrics and Multidisciplinary.

Please note! There will be a session at the end of the congress the Awards Ceremony. If any author is present, they wont be awarded and the prize goes to the second place and so on, if there is no representative of the respective abstracts to receive it.





All approved abstracts will be published on the official website congress.




After the end of Congress, the certificates of approved abstracts will be available to the author responsible for submitting on the site. To print or download, you must access the "Certificates" area, located on the congress homepage, enter the registered e-mail and fill in the "Satisfaction Survey".

Important: the certificates do not sent directly to email.
• Only one certificate will be issued per abstract. They  will be printed following the registered order of authors.
• At least one of the authors must be registered and attend the congress to receive the certificate later.


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