March 15-17, 2018 - Tivoli Mofarrej - São Paulo - SP


It is with great pleasure that we invite all to participate on our SNOLA 2018 – The State of the Art in Neuro-Oncology, which will take place on the 15th to 17th of March 2018 at the hotel Tivoli Mofarrej, São Paulo/Brazil. Just as the 2016 event, this will be the largest and most comprehensive event on neuro-oncology in Latin America. 

Our first official SNOLA conference, the Update on Neuro-Oncology, happened in March 2016 in Rio de Janeiro and hosted more than 20 international speakers, and almost 600 attendees. The feedback from those that were present could not have been better, as our overall median score on satisfaction was 8.74, and the percentage that would recommend such event to a colleague reached 99.3%. This achievement was conquered despite all the difficulties we know this multidisciplinary field constantly faces, both in its scientific and practical terms.  

Given the above, we again tried elaborating an event with a broad focus on the major oncological pathologies of the central nervous system, involving all areas that assist neuro-oncology patients, as neuro imaging, neuro pathology, neurologists, neuro surgeons, oncologists, radiotherapists, physiatrists, palliative care, and assisting crew. Moreover, we will have a great highlight given to the political and economic forum in order to discuss problems and reasonable solutions for neuro-oncology.

During this conference, we have great honor in receiving the support and participation of the World Federation of Neuro-Oncology Societies, society we are affiliated to together with SNO, EANO and ASNO, representing and developing neuro-oncology in Latin America.

We are pleased to develop a complete program, with more than 15 prominent international speakers on the area and count on the participation and engagement of all so that our great mission contributes to the growth, enhancement and scientificism of neuro-oncology in Latin America as a whole, aiming for the best assisted care to our suffering patients.

We hope seeing you all at the amazing city that never stops in order to continue writing a new page in the history of neuro-oncology.

May all of you feel welcome!!

Dr. Marcos Maldaun
President of the Event and SNOLA

Pediatric Oncology Chair

CNS tumors rank second among childhood cancers, with around 20% of the cases occurring in this age group. These tumors are highly complex because they affect different sites and their histologic types vary. For these reasons, a multidisciplinary team with the scientific knowledge, technical expertise working together to reach excellence in treatment is required.

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Chair of Medical Oncology

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Palliative Care Chair

Receiving a CNS tumor diagnosis can have an unmeasurable impact on the life of a person...

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Imaging Chair

We have elaborated for the SNOLA 2018 Conference a programme driven by the brain tumor diagnosis and monitoring...

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Radiotherapy Chair

Neuro-oncology is a vibrant and current specialty in which medical neurologists, medical oncologists, neurosurgeons...

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Radiosurgery Chair

Radiosurgery is a mature oncology therapy, which its striking impact on life quality and overall survival of millions of patients...

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Neurosurgery Chair

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